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ARAK Night Cream | Licorice Root, Saffron, Manjistha & Sandalwood for Brightening and Hydration | 50gm

ARAK Night Cream | Licorice Root, Saffron, Manjistha & Sandalwood for Brightening and Hydration | 50gm

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  • PROMISE OF SOFT & GLOWING SKIN: Our lightweight fusion of Saffron, Sandalwood, Manjistha & Licorice root gives instant hydration and nourishment to skin.
  • PROVIDES INTENSE HYDRATION: ARAK Miracle Radiance Night Crème is a potent formulation of traditional herbs and flowers that provide intense deep hydration for a soft & supple skin. It’s dual action formula brightens the complexion and helps reduce un-even skin tone.
  • GOODNESS OF SAFFRON, MANJISTHA, SANDALWOOD, LICORICE AND ROSEHIP OIL: Licorice is enriched with antioxidants to restore youthful and even-toned appearance. A perfect blend of therapeutic ingredients Saffron, Sandalwood, Manjistha add a radiant glow to the face.
  • RADIANT GLOW: Magical benefits of Rosehip provide intense hydration and prevents signs of ageing. It instantly penetrates deep inside to repair damaged cells for a soft, radiant and supple skin and revives dry and damaged skin cells.
  • BRIGHTENS COMPLEXION: Regular use enhances skin texture and boosts a youthful appearance.
  • REDUCES HYPERPIGMENTATION: Helps diminish the appearance of dark spots and blemishes, it promotes an even toned skin.
  • 100% NATURAL - MADE WITH LOVE: We believe in simplicity and our blends are derived from the traditions of India. All our products are free of toxins and all are ingredients are plant-based. Our products are infused with love and care. We believe self-love is the key to true beauty.

Get soft & hydrated skin with Tvama Night Crème. A lightweight blend of precious herbs & therapeutic oils that get absorbed instantly for intense nourishment. Licorice helps get rid of free radicals, while Saffron & Manjistha rejuvenate and nourish your skin. Our Night Crème is infused with Rose hip Oil for revitalised cell growth and intense moisturization.

Our ARAK Series blends the best of flower extracts, herbs, vitamins and the goodness of essential oils for a bright, hydrated, clear and smooth skin.

Indulge yourself in luxurious, pure & authentic organica from Tvama for holistic rejuvenation of your skin. Tvama Promise!

Country of Origin: India
Item Condition: New
Manufactured: Mar 2023
Quantity: 50gm each
Expiry: 24 months from manufacturing


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Surbhi Sandhu
Miracle Night Cream

This night cream is a hydration powerhouse! Infused with liquorice root and manjistha, it delivers a radiant glow and deep nourishment. Wake up to revitalized, hydrated skin—perfect for a luminous complexion. The blend works wonders, leaving skin supple and beautifully moisturized overnight. A must-have for anyone seeking a natural, glowing skin remedy

Deepshikha G
Glow Booster

This night cream is a hydration powerhouse! Infused with liquorice root and manjistha, it's a glow-boosting formula that works wonders overnight. Wake up to hydrated, radiant skin—perfect for a healthy glow. The blend feels luxurious and nourishing, making it a must-have in your nightly skincare routine. Get ready to embrace a fresh, revitalized complexion!

Kiran Kanwar
Amazing Night Cream for hydration & Glow

Infused with licorice root and manjistha, it hydrates deeply for a radiant complexion. This cream's potent blend delivers intense moisture, leaving skin supple and nourished. Wake up to a refreshed, glowing complexion—a skincare must-have!

Shreya Mahajan
Radiant Skin Essential Night Cream

Infused with licorice root and manjistha, it deeply hydrates for a glowing complexion. The cream's blend nourishes overnight, leaving skin supple and refreshed by morning. Perfect for those seeking hydration and a natural glow—a skincare essential!