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Himalayan Bath Salt Crystals | Jasmine | Body & Foot Spa | For Pain Relief and Relaxation | 200g

Himalayan Bath Salt Crystals | Jasmine | Body & Foot Spa | For Pain Relief and Relaxation | 200g

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  • PROMISE OF LUXURIOUS BATH: Power packed with Himalayan Pink Salt and Jasmine Essential Oil, Tvama Bath Salts give you an aromatic and luxurious bath experience for intense rejuvenation.
  • LUXURIOUS FRAGRANCE: Soak in the aromatic fragrance of Tvama Jasmine Bath Crystals and stay fragrant the entire day.
  • GOODNESS OF JASMINE & HIMALAYAN PINK SALT: Enriched with therapeutic benefits, Himalayan Pink Salt relieves sore muscles and skin allergies to promote better skin health and hydration. The incredible relaxing benefits of Jasmine essential oil promotes better sleep and relaxes the body.
  • HEALS THE SKIN: Infused with the goodness of Pink Salt & Jasmine Essential Oil, Tvama Bath Crystals are enriched with beneficial minerals for healing benefits.
  • GENTLE EXFOLIATION: The salt helps remove dead skin cells and plump up the skin with its therapeutic benefits and leaves a soft, smooth and fresh skin.
  • DETOXIFIES SKIN: Magical benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt & Jasmine essential oil penetrate into the skin to extract toxins from the body and leave a refreshed and nourished skin.
  • ENERGISES THE MIND: Soak yourself in the luxurious bath and energise your mind and body as Tvama Bath Crystals help relieve inflammation and relieve stress.
  • 100% NATURAL - MADE WITH LOVE: We believe in simplicity and our blends are derived from the traditions of India. All our products are free of toxins and all are ingredients are nature-based. Our products are infused with love and care. We believe self-love is the key to true beauty.

Our Himalayan Pink Salt is extracted from the foothills of the Himalayas to help eradicate impurities from the body giving you a relaxing retreat and helps you feel the power of a relaxing bath with ancient and pure rituals of bathing. Relax & Unwind with the therapeutic benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt for a soothing and uplifting bath.

The antiseptic and healing properties of Tvama Bath Crystals helps treat dry skin, relax muscles and relieve stress. Soak in the goodness of Tvama Organics Bath Salts and dwell in the luxury of nature’s magic.

Our Bath Salts blend the best of Himalayan Pink Salt with the goodness of essential oils for a relaxing, soothing and calming Luxurious Bath. 

Indulge yourself in luxurious, pure & authentic organica from Tvama for holistic rejuvenation of your hair. Tvama Promise!

Country of Origin: India
Item Condition: New
Quantity: 200gm each
Expiry: 36 months

SKU:T-BTSLT-JSMN1004-Pack x1

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Customer Reviews

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Gayathri Govind
Heavenly scent

Luxurious fragrance, skin feels pampered. Transforms bath into floral a retreat

Nilesh Singh
Jasmine Euphoria: Scented Serenity!

Exotic scent, skin feels refreshed. Transforms baths into spa escapes. Highly recommended

Karl Valentine
Aromatic Escape

Exquisite jasmine scent! Skin feels silkier after each soak. Transforms bath time into a spa-like indulgence. Jasmine Bath Bliss

Aromatherapy Delight

Soothing scent, skin feels refreshed. A fragrant escape in every bath, Elevates bath time experience